How does this
app work?

Who hasn't forgotten a loved one's birthday? With this in mind, we have created Oups the mobile application that will allow you to never forget one again.

Local sound notifications

Work without Internet. Up to 3 local notifications with a great dedicated sound/music.

Birthday and saints

Simply enter the birthday date of your contact in your contact iOS or Android App.


Our app currently handle english, spanish, french. More to come !

Ethical data app

We never transfer any of your private data on our servers. We simply contact our server to get up to date saints list.

App screenshot

Don't get shirty with me chinwag say bleeder hanky panky so I said bugger all mate such a fibber are you taking the piss I don't want no agro boot bite.!

Legal / Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you collect datas ?
    No, we don't collect any of your contacts or datas.
    We only contact our server to get/update saint list and to get/update translations
  • Can you add a first name for Saint ?
    Sure contact us and ask us by email with :
    . The first name
    . The date of the saint
    . A website page that confirm the date
    . Your country

    Our email :
  • Where is Brian ?
    In the Kictchen 🙂
  • Can you add a new language ?
    Yes just ask by sending us :
    . Country
    . Language
    We will try to include it (really fast if possible).
  • Can you add new feature ?
    Just ask by sendind us an email to
    with :
    function wanted
    Your country

    We will try to include it if it is good for all users.
  • Brian is not in the kitchen !
    ?? Where is Brian ?